Lori Harvey Takes Credit for Michael B. Jordan's Glowing Skin

The stepdaughter of Steve Harvey reveals that she tests all of her beauty products on the 'Creed' actor which resulted in him getting compliments from makeup artists.

AceShowbiz - Lori Harvey could not help but take credit for Michael B. Jordan's glowing skin. Being featured in a video for Vogue, the social media star proudly declared that she made the "Creed" actor a "live test model" for her brand new skincare line.

In a new episode of Vogue's Beauty Secrets which was released on Wednesday, May 5, the 24-year-old opened up that she has been working hard to develop her new skincare line. She then revealed that she tested her products on her boyfriend as saying in the video, "I test all my products, of course, on myself. But, I also test them on my boyfriend. He has become my live test model."

The stepdaughter of TV personality Steve Harvey went on to share that the "Without Remorse" actor is now "very into his skincare routine as well." In the nearly 15-minute video, she added, "He tells me all the time that when he's on set, the makeup artists compliment his skin now. So you know."

Lori's boyfriend Michael was not the only men in her life she put on her skincare regimen. The catwalk beauty spilled, "[I've] pretty much gotten all of the men in my life on a skincare regimen - my dad included. He did nothing, so I was like, 'Okay, I'll help you out here.' So, I gave him all my products and he's obsessed. And if you're wondering why his skin looks so good lately, it's 'cause of me."

Lori and Michael have been dating for several months. The two were first linked romantically after they were captured traveling together ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in November 2020. Months later, they made public their relationship through a since-deleted Instagram post. In the wake of the announcement, a source told PEOPLE that the couple "have gotten serious quickly. It's obvious that they don't want to be apart."

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