Larry Gatlin Thanks Matthew McConaughey for Putting His Addiction Story in Memoir

The Gatlin Brothers star reveals he's the mystery cocaine addict who was mentioned by the 'Dallas Buyers Club' actor in his 2020 tell-all book 'Greenlights'.

AceShowbiz - Country star Larry Gatlin has confessed he's the unnamed cocaine addict who Matthew McConaughey mentioned in his 2020 memoir, "Greenlights".

The Oscar winner didn't name names as he shared an anecdote about a musician struggling with addiction during their time at the University of Texas, but Gatlin has now revealed he was the subject of football coach Darrell Royal's reprimand while under the influence at a party.

"I remember the day, it was October something of 1984," Gatlin tells People. "Coach Royal and I were talking. We had hit it off right away. For me, he was one of those people that you meet, and you instantly don't have to explain anything to each other. We were at this Pro-Am party at this golf tournament, and Coach Royal caught me with white powder on my nose."

"He told me, 'Larry Wayne, I have never had any trouble turning the page in the book of my life... It's time you turned the page.' "

The Gatlin Brothers star explains he entered rehab after the encounter.

Now 72, the singer has been sober for more than 35 years. He shared his own addiction story in his 2003 autobiography, "All the Gold in California and Other Places, People & Things".

Gatlin tells People he's grateful to McConaughey for sharing his story. "You never know when what we read is going to change our lives," he tells the outlet. "I was able to kick my addictions thanks to my wife and my family and my God and an incredible programme of recovery. But now, I truly believe there will be people that will read Greenlights and they are going to thank McConaughey for putting my story in there."

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