Tina Turner's Former Best Friend and Assistant Expresses Regrets Over Writing Tell-All

Stopping by 'This Morning Tuesday', Eddy Armani, who worked as the music icon's assistant for 20 years, admits that she wrote the 1998 tell-all book to get her attention.

AceShowbiz - One of the things that Tina Turner's ex-best friend and assistant Eddy Armani regrets doing is writing a tell-all about the music icon back in the late 90s. Stopping by "This Morning Tuesday" on April 13, Eddy admitted that he did that to get her attention.

During the interview, Eddy revealed that he really wanted to meet the "What's Love Got to Do With It" singer when he was a child. He made his dream come true as he became the singer's best friend and worked as Tina's personal assistant for more than 20 years, until they fell out after she began dating her second husband, Erwin Bach.

"He and I didn't get long. Erwin didn't like me from the beginning," Eddy explained. "I think what he didn't like was how I was such a fan, and Tina and I were two peas in a pod, and he couldn't handle it. I don't know, maybe he thought, 'I've got Tina, I'm gonna have to have Eddy too.' It wasn't like that."

He went on to discuss the memoir called "The Real T" that he published in 1998, adding that he wrote this to get her attention. "She didn't comment on the book and she didn't fight me on the book... It did divide us, which I'm sad about. If I had a choice today I wouldn't have written the book. No, I wouldn't have," Eddy dished.

Eddy then clarified that his "intentions were never to hurt Tina or to go against her. What it was, I was trying to get her attention... I went about it the wrong way. I admit it. I love Tina...It is very emotional."

During the interview, Eddy went on to reveal that he watched Tina's recent HBO documentary "Tina" and that he's glad to see her happy. "When I saw the documentary for the second, third time, I actually just went, 'She's happy. She'S okay. She's in good hands.' Regardless of him I liked him or not, he looked after my girl and that's all I care about," he shared.

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