YouTube Star Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Assault by TikToker Justine Paradise

The 24-year-old claims in a 20-minute-long YouTube video that the controversial star sexually assaulted her at his Team 10 house in California back in July 2019.

AceShowbiz - YouTube personality Jake Paul faces sexual assault accusations coming from TikTok star Justine Paradise. The 24-year-old claimed in a 20-minute-long YouTube video on Friday, April 9 that the controversial star sexually assaulted her at his Team 10 house in California.

She revealed in the video that Jake forced her to perform oral sex on him in July 2019. "One of those days, I was in the studio -- some people were recording down there -- and Jake pulled me into this little corner area in the studio and started kissing me," Justin recounted. "I was fine with that. I did think he was cute."

She later shared that Jake took her to his bedroom where they danced and kissed until "he took it to his bed." According to Justine, Jake put his hands in places on her she did not want. When she moved them away, Jake allegedly asked, "If nothing's going to happen, what's the point?"

In the video, Justine claimed that "sex is very special and very important to me." She went on to say, "Normally, everybody respects me when I don't want to do sexual things, so I thought that it was fine if I went in his room. I thought it would be fine to kiss him, because I thought he would stop if I didn't want to do anything else."

She told him no, but the YouTube star refused to listen and went on top of her instead to get her perform oral sex on him. "He didn't ask for consent or anything. That's not okay. On no level at all is that okay," she said.

As if the alleged assault was not enough, Justine claimed that Jake acted cold towards her and didn't speak to her following the incident. "I never got an apology or anything like that. I would have liked to have an apology because that was messed up, and I didn't want that," Justine shared.

As to why she shared this story, Justine said that she hoped Jake would realize "what he did and doesn't do it again." She went on to say, "I know he knows that I didn't want to do anything sexual with him. I've thought about this literally every single day since it happened. But the more and more I think about it, the more I realize, no one can be doing that and think that it's something right to do."

Justine followed it up with a video post on TikTok in which she explained, "I've kept this to myself for a long time, so making this decision to share it publicly is terrifying because I know I'm gonna have a lot of attention on it -- and I know that a lot of that attention is gonna be hate."

"But also, I know it is necessary to share this information with everybody, so it could maybe like, it could save someone that could be in my position in the future," she added.

Jake Paul, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the allegations.

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