St. Vincent Insists 'Nobody's Perfect' as She Slams Cancel Culture
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The singer who has just released her new album 'Daddy's Home' is unimpressed by the social media trend of blacklisting someone because of one or two missteps.

AceShowbiz - Singer St. Vincent is not a fan of cancel culture, because no one has lived a "flawless life."

The musician was inspired by her father's recent nine-year prison stint for her new album, "Daddy's Home", and she wanted to use her work to highlight stories of struggle.

She told NME, "I don't know who among us has lived a flawless life. Find me the person who has lived a flawless life, or a life without struggle. I don't think that's possible."

Addressing the tendency for social media users to call for someone to be blacklisted following a public misstep, St. Vincent said, "We're in a strange time where there's a lot of new information and we need to be able to integrate it in a way that causes less human suffering, (rather) than more."

And the star wanted to discuss some of these new topics through her music.

"I wanted to tell stories of flawed people doing their best to survive, and write about the human condition with humour, compassion, and a lack of judgement," she explained.

"Nobody's perfect and people make mistakes and people can transform and people can change. If we don't think that's possible, then I don't know what we're doing."

St. Vincent's father regained his freedom in 2019 after serving time for his part in a multi-million dollar "pump-and-dump" stock manipulation scheme.

Like the title suggested, the album, partly inspired by her father's jail stint, was released two years after he's back home from prison. "He's a person, and every person has a lot of facets, and a lot of s**t they've done wrong, and good qualities," she explained in a previous interview. "So it just is."

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