Diddy Faces Backlash After Criticizing Ad Money Distribution in Open Letter to 'Corporate America'

Upon reading the letter, some Internet users blast the founder of Revolt TV and Bad Boy Entertainment as some of them mention that Diddy's companies are no different from the one he's criticizing.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs voiced his opinion in an open letter to "corporate America" on Thursday, April 8. In the letter which was titled "If You Love Us, Pay Us", the founder of Revolt TV and Bad Boy Entertainment specifically called out General Motors as his companies didn't receive advertising revenue from the car giant despite being listed as an example of the Black-owned media that it supports.

"The same feet these companies use to stand with us in solidarity are the same feet they use to stand on our necks," Diddy wrote in the letter. "Instead, REVOLT, just like other Black-owned media companies, fights for crumbs while GM makes billions of dollars every year from the Black community."

"In 2019, brands spent $239 billion on advertising. Less than 1% of that was invested in Black-owned media companies. Out of the roughly $3 billion General Motors spent on advertising, we estimate only $10 million was invested in Black-owned media. Only $10 million out of $3 billion!" he added.

Diddy continued, "Exposing GM's historic refusal to fairly invest in Black-owned media is not an assassination of character, it's exposing the way GM and many other advertisers have always treated us. No longer can Corporate America manipulate our community into believing that incremental progress is acceptable action." The hip-hop mogul went on to note, "Corporations like General Motors have exploited our culture, undermined our power, and excluded Black entrepreneurs from participating in the value created by Black consumers."

Upon reading the letter, some Internet users blasted Diddy as some of them mentioned that Diddy's companies are no different from the one he's criticizing. "Diddy, it starts with us. I was recently approached to host a show for Revolt and it came without pay. We cannot keep knocking white folks for their disrespect towards minority creators while doing the same thing to each other. I encourage you to be the change we need," Jessica Fyre wrote on Twitter.

"It was an ONE EPISODE but STILL. Online content generates tons of money. Revolt is owned by Diddy. We know how successful he is. No one should be working for free and/or the opportunity especially when your network is the one reaching out to said creator/talent/host etc," she went on saying.

"lmao what," someone else reacted. One user, meanwhile, posted a meme featuring Diddy's heads being placed on two Spider-Men pointing at each other. "Diddy writing an open letter to corporate America about not paying black artists," the person captioned the post.

However, not all of them were critical against Diddy. Some of them applauded Diddy for the letter as one raved, "I applaud this letter from Diddy calling for respect for the Black business community. I also ask for the same respect from Corporate America for the disabled business community."

"Target said they'd spend $2B on black owned businesses by 2025. Better late than never? Where are the other companies making pledges like this…? I'll wait," another comment read.

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