Octavia Spencer 'Nearly Fainted' Due to Taraji P. Henson's April Fools' Prank

The 'Hidden Figures' actress reveals her 'heart dropped' as she fell victim to an April Fools' text message that she received from the former 'Empire' star.

AceShowbiz - Octavia Spencer fell victim to Taraji P. Henson's April Fools' prank.

The actress has revealed her "heart dropped" on Thursday (01Apr21) when she received a text message from her friend and fellow actress Taraji asking her if she had "meant to post nudes" on her Instagram Story, before realising it was a prank.

Octavia posted a screenshot of her text message conversation with Taraji, where the "Night School" star had sent a message which read, "Did you mean to post nudes on your story?"

Taraji then left several spaces in her message before adding, "April Fools! Just kidding, in case your heart dropped!"

And Octavia responded, "Girl my heart dropped. Lmao (laughing my a*s off)."

In the caption, the "Self Made" star admitted she "nearly fainted" when she received the text.

She wrote, "Just got this from @tarajiphenson and nearly fainted. Omg #ShesSoDayumFunny #ScaredTheHellOuttaMe (sic)"

Mindy Kaling and many others laughed at her misfortune on the comment section.

"Powers" star Gianni Paolo also burst into laughers as he wrote, "The fact that you even thought 'damn did I post my nudes' for a split second [laughing, crying emojis]."

Apparently Octavia Spencer was not the only victim.

Gabourey Sidibe revealed on Octavia's comment section, "I got it too! I threw the phone!" Gabrielle Union also wrote, "She got me too!!!!! I was shaking!!!"

Meanwhile, Deborah Cox exclaimed, "It's circulating!!! [laugh emoji]."

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