Jessica Simpson Claims to Still Be Work In Progress in Fight Against Self-Criticism

Having endured intense scrutiny over her curvy figure, the 'I Wanna Love You Forever' singer recalls spending years feeling like a 'failure' for not meeting 'unrealistic body standard.'

AceShowbiz - Jessica Simpson still winces at the heavy criticism she received about her weight during the height of her pop stardom.

The singer faced intense scrutiny over her curvy figure during her chart heyday, and although the body positivity movement has helped her overcome the rude remarks about her size, she isn't completely healed from the harsh time.

Jessica, now 40, told, "There is a wonderful movement for body positivity now and the response to that portion of my story has been overwhelmingly supportive."

The debate about her weight caused Jessica to agonise about her looks, but the mother-of-three has since learned how to love herself by ignoring her dark thoughts.

She said, "I spent so many years beating myself up for an unrealistic body standard that made me feel like a failure all of the time. I am still a work in progress when it comes to self-criticism, but now I have the tools to quiet those voices in my head when they speak up."

"I believe in my heart that a healthy body and a sound mind-body connection are what's truly important and help me accept imperfections as beauty."

Jessica's comments emerge following the release of the paperback version of her "Open Book" memoir, which includes newly-published diary entries from her youth, including after she was poked fun at for her "mom jeans" look at a concert back in 2009.

"Today my heart breaks because people say I'm fat," she wrote at the time. "Why does the cruel opinion of this world get to me?"

In another entry, she reflected on how hard she was on herself, years before having to face the criticism of the tabloids, "Last week I read back to my journals from 1999 and I beat myself up about how fat I (was) before I even gave the world a chance to..."

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