Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett Believes 'Medicine at Midnight' Was Recorded in Haunted House

After frontman Dave Grohl talked about the strange things that happened during the studio sessions, the band's guitarist spills the 'old, funky mansion' seems a little out of place in the neighborhood.

AceShowbiz - Foo Fighters star Chris Shiflett is convinced the band recorded its new album, "Medicine at Midnight", in a haunted house. The "Best of You" rockers laid down the tracks for their 10th studio album in a property in Los Angeles, and the guitarist insists there was a weird energy in the place.

"It was sort of like this old, funky mansion that's sitting in disrepair, and it's in a very nice neighborhood, so it seems a little out of place," he tells Guitar Magazine. "There's all these nice houses and beautiful yards all up and down the street, and then there's this old, c**ppy house sitting there, sliding off the hill, being reclaimed by the earth."

Frontman Dave Grohl previously claimed strange things happened during the studio sessions, "I knew the vibes were definitely off, but the sound was f**king on. We would come back to the studio the next day and all of the guitars would be detuned or the setting we'd put on the (mixing) board, all of them had gone back to zero. We would open up a Pro Tools session and tracks would be missing."

"There were some tracks that were put on there that we didn't put on there. But just like weird open mic noises. Nobody playing an instrument or anything like that, just an open mic recording a room."

And while there has been a suggestion the group captured paranormal activity on camera, the bandmates can't comment on the rumor due to a non-disclosure agreement with the homeowners.

Chris wouldn't confirm or deny the footage exists, adding, "I don't know about that one, to be honest. We'll see! I'm sure if it is (true), that video will see the light of day somehow. Keep checking Dave's Instagram for all the latest ghost footage!"

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