'Ginny and Georgia' Slammed for Misogynistic Reference to Taylor Swift

In the said episode of the teen series, one character could be seen name-dropping the 'Folklore' musician, making alleged disrespectful jokes about her dating history.

AceShowbiz - "Ginny & Georgia" landed in hot water after airing its episode 4. The outing enraged people as it featured a reference to Taylor Swift which many deemed "disgusting and misogynistic."

In the said episode of the teen series, one character could be seen name-dropping the "Folklore" musician. "What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift," said the character.

"I can't believe things like this are still happening in 2021, it's absolutely disgusting and misogynistic... RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT," said one Twitter user on Sunday, February 28. " 'You go through men faster than Taylor Swift?' She's been with the same guy for like four years, and there's no sign of the two of them breaking up anytime soon. That insult doesn't work today," someone else chimed in, referring to Taylor's boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Another fan commented, "I really enjoyed watching the show and then they dropped that.. I was so shocked! Like in which year are we living that we still judge women for having more than one relationship?!? also leave her alone she's in a happy and healthy relationship for more than 4 years...."

Putting the drama, which is created by Sarah Lampert, on blast, a fan added, "lmao of course the badly written gilmore girls ripoff is recycling misogynistic jokes from 10 years ago."

Meanwhile, some others pointed out that there were many others things that the drama should be canceled for. "I know yall are mad but these jokes still show up all of the time and there are wayyyyy worse things in this show that should lead to it being pulled/canceled," one said. Another person added, "oh but when sabrina was called the r word and olivia LOVED the sketch yall were mute."

Neither "Ginny and Georgia" nor Taylor has yet respond to the matter.

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