When the 'TRON: Legacy' star admits he can't bear the thought of letting his baby boy cry himself to sleep, his son's godfather reminds him that 'it's never going to get easy.'

AceShowbiz - Garrett Hedlund has resigned himself to sleepless nights as a new dad because he can't bear the thought of letting his baby boy cry himself to sleep.

The "Tron: Legacy" star welcomed his first child, a son named Rhodes, with his actress girlfriend Emma Roberts in late December 2020, and he can't bear the thought of sleep training his kid with any form of the "cry it out" method.

In a chat with his boy's godfather, country singer and actor Tim McGraw, for LEOedit.com, Hedlund explained, "I know at a certain point the best thing to do is to let them cry themselves to sleep, but I can't handle it. I'll hold him quietly and (stay) awake all through the night."

"I know that for us, as babies growing up, eventually you're left to cry and sort that out," he continued. "But I can't handle it at this point, which is a wonderful thing, but eventually I'm going to have to let him cry himself to sleep."

Sympathizing with his pal, McGraw, who played Hedlund's movie dad in 2004's "Friday Night Lights", said, "Eventually, but it is still tough. It's never easy and it's never going to get easy."

"The way to fix that is to just throw a couple other kids in there; then you don't think about it as much!" laughed McGraw, who shares three adult daughters with his wife Faith Hill.

He also shared a little advice for Hedlund, who wondered if baby milestones would ever "get old."

"In your life as you move forward, you are always going to have a first word and a first step in everything you do...," McGraw responded.

"Here is what you can want for your kids: You hope for the rest of their life that they will always have the opportunity to take a first step on a great adventure."

Touched by the thoughtful words, Hedlund, who also worked with McGraw in 2010 film "Country Strong", replied, "That's beautiful. I'm always going to hang on to this (conversation)."

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