Tory Lanez Maintains Innocence Amid Megan Thee Stallion Assault Allegations

The Canadian spitter goes on rant on his page as he maintains his innocence amid the assault allegations levet at him, writing, 'if I was supposed to be in jail .... I would be in jail.'

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez has fired back to a Twitter user who believed that he should be in jail for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion. In response to that, the Canadian spitter quickly goes on rant on his page as he maintains his innocence.

It started after Tory talked about Kodak Black, who got prison pardon by then-President Donald Trump earlier this year. "Y'all N***a's don't understand how hard this n***a Kodak finna come back," he tweeted on Thursday, February 4.

The tweet prompted one of his followers to reply, "Jail time for you boo." Catching wind of the comment, Tory hits back at the user in a quote-retweet, "Lol it's like y'all don't understand..... if I was supposed to be in jail .... I would be in jail .... please leave me alone .... I'm TIDE BLEACH BIHHH."

He went on adding, "And dats on 'innocence' bihhh."

Some fans appeared to think that Tory made a point. Believing in Tory, someone wrote in an Instagram comment, "I mean he's not white, so if he shot somebody he'd be locked up for sure lol." Echoing the comment, another user added, "He's right though. We all know he would at least be in jail I he did shoot at Megan."

"It's like ppl don't use they head .. Tory is a N***a I don't care how famous he is if he were guilty he would be LOCKED .. Y'all see all these rappers locked up for lesser things so why not him??? Yea Ight that boy did nun stop the," another fan noted.

However, someone noted in a comment "that's not how the system works sir." The person explained, "You're on bail but once you go to trial you will be in jail." Still thinking that Tory was guilty, another user said, "he wants us to believe he's innocent so bad."

Prior to this, Tory's team filed a complaint to the court about the situation, asking the court to let him talk about the assault case. He allegedly sought modification to the terms of his protective order case, which was issued November 18, 2020, that forbid him from talking about the case or having any contact with Megan.

"In contrast to Mr. Peterson's silence, Megan authored and posted six tweets to her 5.6 million Twitter followers in quick succession," a statement read. "This evidence -- including gunshot residue implicating others -- is mitigating, if not exculpatory, and casts serious doubt on the claims made by Megan."

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