Olivia Newton-John Spills on the Real Story Behind Her Hit Duet With Her Daughter

During an appearance on 'The Talk', the 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' singer reveals that 'Window in the Wall' came from a cousin of a woman she met at a health retreat.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Newton-John feared the worst when a woman at a health retreat invited her to record a song written by her cousin, but it turned out to be a big hit.

The "Hopelessly Devoted to You" singer didn't have high hopes for "Window in the Wall" when she first heard about the track, but it has become a smash duet for herself and her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

"It came from a woman who I met very briefly at a health retreat I was going to," the star tells "The Talk". "She wrote me and said, 'I've found this song. I just have a knowing you need to record this song - and my cousin wrote it'."

"I thought, 'Oh goodness, I know what this means'. I was worried that I was gonna have to tell her it wasn't good, but then I played the song and it really moved me so much and I thought, 'I need to record this song and I wanna record it with Chloe'."

Of the duet, Olivia shared in a separate interview, "I've always enjoyed singing duets more than singing on my own and when I first heard this song, I knew immediately that I wanted to sing it with my daughter Chloe. The lyrics and melody really resonated with me and I hoped Chloe would feel the same way - and luckily she did!"

"There is always something special about singing with my daughter," she added. "She not only has a gorgeous voice, she's an amazing musician with tremendous instincts as a singer."

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