The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Twitter 'junkyard' as he recalls reaching out to the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star following the viral meme on social media.

AceShowbiz - Patrick Schwarzenegger has jumped to the defence of his brother-in-law Chris Pratt being dubbed the "Worst Chris" in Hollywood.

Last month, a debate on Twitter began after a viral meme asked which Chris was the worst, with Pratt, who was up against fellow stars Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth, largely deemed the least favourite.

"It's crazy. Twitter is a junkyard, right? I mean, every day there's something," he tells Variety. "People are calling out this person or that person, or let's get mad at this person. People are so focused on putting other people down to make themselves feel better. It's sad, honestly."

Patrick adds, "Chris is pretty strong-boned. I don't think anything really hits him deep down. I messaged him, and just mostly was like, 'I hope you're not taking this seriously.' I don't really know what else to say."

The star goes on to insist that, "No matter what you're doing in life, there are always going be people hating on you and wanting you to fail," before imparting some words of wisdom from his own parents, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

"I think he can learn a thing or two from my dad or my mom. My dad was always adamant about not letting anybody else’s opinions mess with his drive or where he wanted to go," he concludes.

Pratt is married to Patrick's sister, author Katherine Schwarzenegger, and the couple welcomed its first daughter, Lyla, earlier this year (20).

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