Trista Sutter Recalls 'Pre-Wedding Stress' Before Her TV Wedding to Ryan Sutter

The original Bachelorette, who tied the knot with Ryan almost 17 years ago, reveals in a new interview that it was 'a little awkward' to have her runner-up Charlie Maher serving as the wedding host.

AceShowbiz - Trista Sutter has offered more details about her TV wedding to Ryan Sutter. In a revealing new interview, the first-ever star of "The Bachelorette" reminisced about the "pre-wedding stress" she experienced when she and her husband let the cameras follow them around during their nuptials around 17 years ago.

The 48-year-old spilled on her experience in the Tuesday, November 10 episode of the "LadyGang" podcast. "Yeah, it was stressful. I mean, we fought a lot, like, if you know us, you know that I am super outgoing and Ryan is total opposite," she first admitted. "He hates the cameras even though he was on the freaking reality show, that's crazy...So because he was stressed, I was stressed."

Trista went on to acknowledge that it was "a little awkward" to have her runner up Charlie Maher serving as the wedding host. "They came to us and they said to us, 'Do you want us to be in your face all day long all day?' And we were like, 'No, of course not,' " she recounted. "They were like, 'If you don't want us around all day long, then you're going to have to have Charlie be the commentator or the correspondent.' "

During the interview, the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant additionally claimed that the show's producer had made "story lines" for her and Ryan's wedding. "One of the producers left their binder out, like, they forgot their binder somewhere and one of the people who was at the bachelor/bachelorette party picked it up and gave it to us," she revealed.

"It had, like, their characters, the story lines for every person," the TV personality went on explaining. "They had all of our friends who were invited to the bachelor/bachelorette parties, and they had all their bios and probably some stuff that they interviewed about. I think they had titles like … 'the villain' or 'the sweetheart.' "

Trista and Ryan tied the knot in a three-part televised special back in 2003. Since then, they have two children together, 13-year-old son Maxwell and 11-year-old daughter Blakesley.

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