NLE Choppa Claps Back After Called 'Crazy' for Claiming King Von's Spirit Visits Him

Some people believe the 'Shotta Flow' spitter was high on drugs when he claimed the late rapper visited him during a meditation session, but he insists that 'every conversation ain't for everybody.'

AceShowbiz - King Von's friends and loved ones must be wishing for at least one more chance to see him following his untimely passing. Though it's a wish that's hard to be granted, NLE Choppa claims that he luckily got a visit from his late pal during a recent meditation session.

The "Walk Em Down" emcee, who has gotten much more spiritual in the past few months, said that Von's spirit visited him while he was alone in the house with only his dog on Saturday night, November 7. He detailed his alleged encounter with the late rapper's spirit on Twitter.

"On everything Von visited me last night in meditation," he wrote on Sunday. "I was calling his name while I was doing it, then my computer suddenly came on and lit my room up then it finally cut off. I started to hear my dog move around outside my room to (sic). Watts crazy tho is how he woke me up."

Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, continued, "When I finally got up to go to my attic the door was wide open and the studio next to it door was closed. This just let you know physical he ain't here but in spirit he is I was in tears before I prayed and meditated on it and bro came visited me."

Claiming, "On god I couldn't make this up," he went on stressing, "Bruh I'm the only one in this house and Kingston in his cage. On my daughter this morning it was foot streps above me in the attic and knocking as if he was knocking on the floor above. Once I woke it continued I looked outside my window and everything thinking I'm tripping."

However, many were not buying his story and blamed drugs for it. "cocaine choppa back at it," one reacted to his tweets, believing the 18-year-old was high. Another added, "I want whatever NLE smokin."

"Sounds like some demons," a third user speculated. Another slammed him, "he is clown woke!" while someone else mocked the Memphis native, "This man losing his mind." Another person told Choppa, "that wasn't king von bro."

Following the insults and mockery, Choppa deleted the said tweets about getting a visit from Von's spirit. He, however, clapped back at the naysayers as posting another tweet, "They swear a n***a crazy cus y'all ain't tapped in like I am. Done tryna let mfers know that we more than our physical state and that everyone actual has psychic type powers." He insisted, "Every conversation ain't for everybody tho im off this s**t."

NLE Choppa's Tweet

NLE Choppa responded to backlash over his claim about getting a visit from King Von's spirit.

Coming to his defense, a user replied to Choppa's tweet, "You can't tell people who are only living in one realm/dimension, what you're going through. That's the first rule. Everyone has their own time when they become enlightened."

Another agreed, commenting, "Some people are experiencing cognitive dissonance, Their spirit knows Truth, their mind has been corrupted & lied to from childhood. Can't expect them to understand spiritual truths from just one conversation."

Someone else argued, "People don't understand Jesus died for us to have powers.. if u believe in Jesus powers King Von could probably be raised from the dead by faith but ain't nobody ready to talk about that.. it's called that Lazarus affect and u can't do it unless u have faith in Jesus Christ!"

In other news, the suspected killer of Von has been arrested. Timothy Leeks, 22, from Savannah, was charged with felony murder after the Atlanta Police Department secured warrants on Saturday, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound," Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker told "The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest."

According to preliminary investigation, Von and a group of men left the Opium Nightclub and went to the Monaco Hookah Lounge on 255 Trinity Avenue on early Friday, November 6 when two men approached the group in the parking lot. The two groups started to argue with each other and the argument quickly escalated to gunfire.

Police responded to the shooting report and two officers fired shots at two locations, but Von was not shot by police. Two men, including Von, died as a result of their injuries and one was in critical condition. Some others were injured and are being treated at a hospital.

Meanwhile, Lil Durk, who was Von's close affiliate, continued to mourn his pal's passing. After posting a tribute to his late fellow hip-hop star on Instagram, the Only The Family label founder disabled his account on Saturday.

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