James Blunt Reveals 'Wonderful Gifts' He Gets From Stalkers

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker insists not all of obsessed fans are troublesome as he opens up about the 'wonderful gifts' that he received from some of his stalkers.

AceShowbiz - James Blunt sees a positive side to having his own stalkers - as he has received "wonderful gifts" from obsessed fans.

The "You're Beautiful "singer was once dragged to court by one stalker, who claimed to have written his biggest hit - but says other crazed superfans' attentions have been less troublesome.

He tells British newspaper The Sun, "I have had a few stalkers but I don't feel like I always have to talk about them because I have been given wonderful gifts from them."

"One was this amazing box, like an old airline pilot's flight case. Inside was a scaled-down copy of everything in my life - like scales I'm told to learn, a piano, a guitar."

"And on the walls were pictures of me as a child and books I'd said I'd read and all the albums I've ever put out or albums I've ever said I've listened to - basically my entire life in that box."

James is not as relaxed about being sued by one obsessive - who submitted a 50-page document claiming he had written "You're Beautiful", about a time he saw an ex he spotted on the London Underground, about her.

"It was quite scary," he says of the experience. "She's pretty fervent that she's the woman for me from the subway. She sent me a detailed 50-page document about how I've been stalking her, and that's a little frightening."

"I had to point out I wasn't on the subway in 1984, which is when she claimed she saw me. And the reason I could prove she wasn't the woman in the song was that in 1984 I would have been ten years old, and the first time I visited the States was in 2002. So that was all a bit strange."

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