LeAnn Rimes Finds Freedom in Posing Nude to Bare All Her Psoriasis Flare-Up

As she shows off how the skin disorder affects her back and legs, the 'How Do I Live' singer explains that she wants to give a voice to these other pieces of her since she is 'tired of hiding.'

AceShowbiz - LeAnn Rimes will no longer hide her psoriasis from the world. Detailing her decades-long battle with the skin disorder in a powerful new essay, the "How Do I Live" songstress claimed to have found "freedom" as she stripped down to her birthday suit for a photo series that captured all of her flare-ups.

As she commemorated World Psoriasis Day, the 38-year-old got real about how posing nude with her condition affected her. "Will these photos change the way I live? Will I wear shorts out to the grocery store? I honestly don't know," she admitted. "But what I do know is that it's amazing how small we can keep ourselves. When you finally allow yourself to step outside of what you've been caging in, the whole world opens up. There's freedom in even just putting one foot outside the door. "

The "Can't Fight the Moonlight" singer began her essay, which was published by Glamour magazine on Thursday, October 29, by revealing that she was diagnosed with psoriasis when she was only two years old. "By the time I was six, about 80% of my body was covered in painful red spots, everything but my hands, feet, and face," she further recalled. "These weren't the days when there were commercials about psoriasis on TV or open discussions about skin conditions."

Claiming that she did not find treatment that worked until she reached her 20s, the wife of actor Eddie Cibrian confessed she used to do everything to hide her condition. "Onstage I'd often wear two pairs of pantyhose or jeans, even in 95-degree heat. Underneath my shirt, my whole stomach would be covered in thick scales that would hurt and bleed," she spilled.

While she had previously opened up about her skin disorder, LeAnn did point out that she has "still kept hidden." She went on to note the effects that came with it. "When you're hiding your physical body, there's so much that rolls over into your emotional and spiritual mental health," she wrote. "You feel like you're holding yourself back, like you've been caged in."

"I'm at a point in my life where I just want to break out of that cage. We're at a moment in time right now when we're all being stripped of everything we thought we needed, and now we can see how worthy and good enough we are without all of the bulls**t. We're worthy without the makeup and the artifice. We're worthy of love without having to work for it," the musician continued. "That's why I'm tired of hiding."

LeAnn credited her husband Eddie for helping her see past her skin disorder. "Before this shoot, my husband would look at me like, 'I don't even see that,' which I obviously didn't understand," she recounted. "I'd think, How can't you see it?! It's all over me! I think I see what he sees now."

The "Northern Lights" actress concluded her vulnerable piece by urging those facing similar situations to not be afraid of embracing their own freedom. "I hope anyone who also kept themselves small has the courage to step outside of that cage. When we allow ourselves not to be held in, our lives come back to us," she stated.

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