6ix9ine Resurfaces With New Look After Reported Overdose

The 'GUMMO' rapper ditches his signature rainbow-color hair for a more natural hair color and grows his facial hair as he films a video to give a shout-out to his fans.

AceShowbiz - Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine has resurfaced more than a week after his hospitalization due to reported overdose. The rapper is featured in a video shared by his fan as he films a special message for his other fans mentioned in the clip.

In the short clip, the New York City native gives a shout-out to some people, likely the acquaintances of the person who filmed the clip. He tells them to come back to New York, while a woman, who possibly asked him to record the video message, nods in agreement next to him.

6ix9ine sheepishly smiles as he walks away from the camera, but it's his new look in the video that has garnered people's attention the most. The "TROLLZ" spitter, who is known for his iconic rainbow-color hair, ditched his colorful wig for his natural dark hair. He has also grown his facial hair, showing a thin layer of unshaven beard.

Seeing the video, some people are relieved that the star seems to be in good shape after recently sparking concern about his health. "his hair look healthy AF. He look healthy too," one person reacted to the video.

"He look kinda good here it must be the drugs cuz I never thought Rainbow dash was fine," another commented on 6ix9ine's new appearance. A third Instagram user similarly said, "He look decent," while another liked his facial hair, "Damn beards make anybody look better."

"He looks so different omg," someone else remarked, while another suggested that 6ix9ine stays under the radar for his safety, writing, "He been handsome but he need to stay lowkey lol."

6ix9ine, who last posted on his Instagram account on September 11, was hospitalized on September 29 after reportedly overdosing on caffeine and Hydroxycut, the powerful diet pills. He later confirmed the news to The Shade Room, saying that he was taking two to four pills a day in an attempt to lose the weight he gained after his prison release. In addition to that, he overindulged in caffeine and thus it prompted him to sweat profusely even when he was just sitting in front of the computer.

However, his lawyer Lance Lazarro dismissed his own statements, claiming that 6ix9ine "did not overdose." The attorney went on stressing about his hospitalization, "He was treated and released on the same day."

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