Rashida Jones Will No Longer Tolerate Sexism in Hollywood as She Criticizes Pixar

The 'Parks and recreation' actress vows to speak up against misconduct by Hollywood men as she claims Pixar's works came from 'deep, systemic intolerance.'

AceShowbiz - Rashida Jones will no longer accept Hollywood men making her uncomfortable with their sexism.

The "Parks and Recreation" star, 44, has been made to feel uncomfortable at work, but previously accepted such behaviour as normal.

Now, she insists she'll no longer put up with similar behaviour, as she vows to speak up and challenge authority.

"I think, like so many women in Hollywood, you grow to accept a level of discomfort around work, and especially with men, that is not OK," she tells The Guardian.

"We just accept that that's the way the business is and that there is something inherently sexist in Hollywood going back to Fatty Arbuckle. I think every actress would say there's been a time or moment when they didn't quite feel comfortable."

"Earlier in my career, I wouldn't have said anything and I didn't say anything."

Explaining her attitude now, she adds, "It's important for me to challenge my assumptions around authority, and equality, and where I'm 'allowed' to speak up and admit that I'm not comfortable in situations."

Jones was rumoured to have left the cast of "Toy Story 4" due to suffering unwanted advances from Pixar boss John Lasseter - a claim she denied. However, she has nothing good to say about the animation firm, stating its work comes "from deep, systemic intolerance, or top-heavy patriarchy, or top-heavy whiteness, in a way that has informed the things that they've made, and the way they hire and promote people."

Extending her criticism, she continues, "It looks like Pixar is trying to promote more female directors and to have more directors of colour. But, at the same time, it's appalling that, out of 20-odd movies, one was directed by a woman - and she was fired! (Brenda Chapman, during the making of Brave.) That's not a mistake; it happens through complacency, and I felt the need to plainly state that. I didn't want to condone it."

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