Sean Baker Denies Developing OnlyFans Movie With Bella Thorne

The 'Tangerine' director admits he has talked to the former Disney actress following her huge gain on the X-rated social media app but he insists he's not attached to her movie project.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Sean Baker denied that he is working with Bella Thorne on a movie about her time on OnlyFans.

The former Disney star made history on the adult subscription service last week (ends21Aug20) by becoming the first account holder to bank $1 million (£760,000) in her first 24 hours.

She has since doubled her earnings, and told Paper Magazine that she was working with Sean on a film about the website, saying the pair share "the same vision of the movie being a conversation starter for many important topics."

However, speaking to the Los Angeles Times, "The Florida Project" director has insisted, "I would like to make it clear that the news of me making a film (documentary or fiction narrative) about OnlyFans and using Bella Thorne as research is false."

"I'm NOT attached to this project. I'm actually in development on two features that I've put years of research and love in to and neither of these films have anything to do with Ms. Thorne or OnlyFans," he stated.

"Earlier this month I had a conversation with Ms. Thorne and discussed a possible collaboration in the far future that would focus on her life and the circumstances leading to her joining OnlyFans," Sean added.

Sean's statement came after Bella received backlash for her use of OnlyFans, after fans blamed her for the website instating new policies that will negatively affect content creators by placing limits on their potential earnings - an issue he said he discussed with her.

"On that call, I advised her team to consult with sex workers and address the way she went about this as to NOT hurt the sex work industry. This has been the extent of my involvement."

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