Don Cheadle Misses Playing Golf Amid Pandemic

The War Machine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe reveals what's the first thing he's going to do as soon as the ongoing deadly coronavirus pandemic is over.

AceShowbiz - Don Cheadle has a tee time booked in Las Vegas for when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

The actor and his family headed for Hawaii when the lockdown began and now he's keen to get back to the mainland and reunite with his golfing buddies.

"We came out to Hawaii because it was doing better than California and we thought let's go somewhere, look at some water, and just be away from it," he said during a recent SAG Foundation Conversations event. "Turns out when you come here you have to quarantine for 14 days too."

"It's a bit of a torture because the ocean is right over there and we're stuck in here, but I don't want to go to jail. They're not playing games in Hawaii and I commend them for it."

"One of my bucket lists is to get to Vegas and play golf with a few homies, so that'll be coming soon."

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