City Girls Blame Fans for Pitting Them Against Cardi B

The Miami hip-hop duo insist there's no bad blood between them and the 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker after Cardi's fans asked them why they were quiet when the Bronx femcee released her new single 'WAP'.

AceShowbiz - City Girls have addressed rumors of feud with Cardi B, which stemmed from the "Act Up" rappers' lack of support for the Bronx femcee's new single "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion. In a new interview with The Morning Hustle, Yung Miami and JT once again denied that there's bad blood with the "I Like It" raptress.

"Let me correct you. Cardi [B] did promote our album," JT said, correcting a host who assumed they had complained about Cardi or Megan not promoting their latest album "City on Lock". "We was not talking about any artist in specific. I was talking about those fan pages. They always in people's comments talking s**t."

Blaming fans for pitting them against other artists, she added, "It don't matter if it's Cardi fans or Nicki fans. I think they got the two biggest fan bases. They harass you." She continued to explain, "If you tweet something, they are in your comments talking s**t about you. They create these narratives, but it never be a problem."

Responding to fans' bullying over their seemingly lack of support for Cardi and Megan's collaboration, JT said, "Ain't nobody gonna bully me. Y'all ain't gon' force me to do s**t. Let me do it on my time. But y'all constantly in our comments."

She went on stressing, "We don't have an issue with nobody." The 27-year-old star clarified, "Cardi don't have an issue with our label at all, period. That don't have nothing to do with Cardi... She was never even really signed to [Quality Control]. She was just getting help by the label," noting that the label's legal drama only involves Migos, which is the group of Cardi's husband Offset.

JT also addressed fans' speculation that they're picking a side in Nicki Minaj and Cardi's feud because they have publicly said that they wanted to collaborate with the "Anaconda" hitmaker. "When we talk about Nicki Minaj, we're not doing some shade at Cardi. We're just personally fans," she clarified. "For us to be artists, we deserve to like everybody too. It's not nothing against her, it's not nothing against anybody, period."

JT previously tweeted, "What is there to talk about?" when a fan said that she and Miami were being "real quiet" following the release of "WAP". Some people saw this as a shade against Cardi. Yung Miami responded to the fans' speculation at the time, "B***h and I openly supported Cardi plenty of times but what y'all not finna do is bully a b***h NEXT."

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