Lauryn Hill Hits Back at Critics Slamming Her for Beating Her Children: Blame Our Ancestors

It arrives after her daughter, Selah Marley, opened up about her childhood trauma during an Instagram Live, saying that her mom used to beat her with belts and threatened her.

AceShowbiz - Lauryn Hill has broken her silence after her daughter Selah opened up about her childhood trauma. In a lengthy social media post, the veteran singer stressed that she didn't think what she did was wrong as she was only disciplining them, saying that she was only trying to protect her kids from danger.

She said in the post, "If I am guilty of anything it is disciplining in anger, not in disciplining," before adding, "I discussed with Selah what it must have been like having a child while being hunted by nazis, or what it was like for the children of runaway slaves. The child just being a child puts her and everyone else's lives in jeopardy. Keeping the child quiet to escape the danger is ALSO saving the child's life!"

Lauryn doubled down on her comment as she later stressed, "My life has been about protecting my children from all kinds of danger, and that's only possible when you protect yourself from the danger as well," asking her critics to "sell a few million copies of a recording and see the wolves and sharks for yourself before you determine what's appropriate and what's not."

Later on, Lauryn mentioned that she and Selah are currently "learning and healing" for all the things that happened in the past. "All of you in a rush to crucify someone, careful who you string up or nail up. You might have an extremely limited view of the actual reality. We all hate abuse and exploitation, sometimes in an effort to fight against it we can easily become the abuser, the exploiter, and THIS is what we have to watch for," she added. "People are quick to judge the content of Selah's conversation without understanding the gravity of her life."

At one point, Lauryn also stressed that she wasn't the only one to blame for beating her children as a way to discipline them. "But if you come for me, come for your own mama, and those absent fathers--come for them too, your grandparents, your great grand parents, your great great grand parents, your great great great grand parents, Caribbean parents, African parents and everyone else damaged and judged for being black and forced to conform and assimilate to western standards of 'order' shaped through the filter and lens of anti-blackness," she said.

It arrived after Selah opened up about how her father "was never around" and that her mother used to beat her with belts and threatened her. However, she later clarified her statement and said that it was taken out of context. She also asked people not to bash her parents.

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