Boosie Badazz Blames Mark Zuckerberg After His Instagram Account Gets Removed

In a video that makes its way round on social media, the hip-hop star calls the Facebook founder 'Mark Zucker Burger' before urging him to return his Instagram account back.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz has no idea why his Instagram account has been removed from the site as he believes that he hasn't done anything wrong. However, rather than blaming it on the person responsible for the site, the hip-hop star, who also goes by Lil Boosie, is putting the blame on Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg.

In a video that made its way round on social media, Boosie could be heard ranting, "They just took my Instagram," before mispronouncing the businessman's last name as "Zucker Burger" and slamming him. "I need to talk to you. ...I don't know what I did but I need my Instagram back. I didn't even know what I did," he went on.

He continued to blame Mark by saying, "Mark do not do this to 2020. Do not take Boosie off Instagram. We need to talk, Mark. You need to take me to orientation or something, but you can't put me out of school. ...I need my Instagram back, man. Mark, I need my Instagram back."

Mark has yet to respond to Boosie. Despite that, his clip has garnered quite the attention due to him mispronouncing Mark's name and other remarks that he made. For instance, NeNe Leakes commented, "Zuckin Burger," along with several crying-laughing emojis. On the other hand, "WAGS: Miami" star Darnell Nicole said, "Lmaoooo the Zuckin [hamburger emoji] just killed me bruh. Gotta love Boosie!"

"Lmfaooo that man put burger at the end of his name," an individual said, while someone was convinced that Mark would not ever help Boosie because "he keep calling him mark zuckerburger. Who tf is that." One other commented, "It's the way he said his last name for me."

Meanwhile, some other people found his "orientation" remarks funny. "Boosie reacts to his Instagram being deleted. 'YOU NEED TO TAKE ME TO ORIENTATION OR SOMETHING,' " one person said. "Boosie say he needs orientation," one other jokingly reacted.

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