City Girls Slams Haters Attacking Them for Not Promoting Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's Song

In response to one person who throws a shade at the hip-hop duo for being 'real quiet' following the release of 'WAP', JT hits back, 'What is there to talk about?'

AceShowbiz - City Girls wants people to know that they are not required to publicly show their support to their fellow musicians' new works. The hip-hop duo clapped back at people who attacked them for not promoting Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's newly-released collaboration "WAP".

People were mad because the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker often promoted City Girls' songs on her social media accounts yet the latter did not do the same when "WAP" was released. "City Girls real quiet," one person called them out, even tagging both JT and Yung Miami's Twitter accounts and prompted them to respond to the troll.

For instance, JT wrote, "What is there to talk about?" She then added in several separate tweets, "Y'all fan pages need to eat a big FAT d**k! I'm known to show love! Y'all fan pages be trying to fake bully s**t who tf are y'all?"

Meanwhile, Miami lashed out, "B***hes always down the city girls throat about support but a b***h ain't support us when we dropped y'all always doing that but never asking why we ain't getting supported STOP DOING THAT S**T THAT'S LAME!" When an individual told her, "Girl shut up Cardi even supported y'all when JT was in jail," she said, "B***h and I openly supported Cardi plenty of times but what y'all not finna do is bully a b***h NEXT."

"Get out my mentions with the s**ts cause tonight will be the night! Goodnight," Miami continued. "& idgaf I'm tired of y'all making a b***h look like a hater y'all NOT finna fake bully us today I'm tired!"

Cardi and Megan released their highly-anticipated joint single, "WAP", at midnight on Friday, August 7, along with its accompanying music video. Directed by Colin Tiley, the visuals featured some cameo appearances from the likes of Kylie Jenner, Normani Kordei and Rosalia.

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