Ashton Kutcher: Ellen DeGeneres Will Fix Things That 'Aren't Right' and Never Panders to Celebrity
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Speaking from his own experience, the actor-turned-venture capitalist insists the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' has always treated him and his team with 'respect and kindness.'

AceShowbiz - Ashton Kutcher has defended Ellen DeGeneres amid claims about the "toxic workplace" environment at her daily talk show.

Investigations into the allegations are ongoing, following a Buzzfeed article featuring one current and 10 former employees of the programme speaking about their negative experiences on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show".

Since then, many of Ellen's famous friends have spoken out in defence of the 62-year-old - including Katy Perry, Kevin Hart, and her wife Portia de Rossi - and Ashton was the latest as he took to Twitter on Tuesday night (04Aug20).

"I haven't spoken with @TheEllenShow and can only speak from my own experience. She & her team have only treated me & my team w/ respect & kindness," he wrote. "She never pandered to celebrity which I always saw as a refreshing honesty. When things aren't right she handles it and fixes."

When some of his fans said that Ellen may have only been treating him well because he's a celebrity, Ashton replied, "But it extends to my team and people she didn't even know I work with."

Another person who has defended Ellen is her brother Vance, who tweeted on Tuesday, "If you think Ellen would knowingly allow bullying or racism on her show, you don't know my sister. She has been and continues to be a bright light in a dark world. She's one of the kindest, most generous people you'll ever meet. And one of the funniest."

He added in a further post on his Facebook page, "Ok, I need to say something. My sister is being viciously attacked. And let me assure you - it is all bulls**t..."

"I'm sick and tired of my sister being attacked. She always has - and always will - stand against bullying of any kind," Vance continued. "She's a smart, strong woman who has made a positive difference in the world."

The ongoing scandal has had a huge impact on ratings for the programme, which are down 29 per cent from the same period last year (19), according to The Wrap.

Ellen has yet to publicly comment on specific allegations herself, but has promised to "correct the issues" raised. People are coming forward almost daily to make claims about their time on the show.

The latest is actor Tony Okungbowa, who was the resident DJ on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" from 2003 to 2006 and then from 2008 to 2013 after some guest appearances in 2007.

"Hey Guys, I hope you are all keeping safe out there during these trying times. I have been getting calls asking me about the Ellen Degeneres Show and I would like to address the time I spent there..." he wrote on Instagram. "While I am grateful for the opportunity it afforded me, I did experience and feel the toxicity of the environment and I stand with my former colleagues in their quest to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace as the show moves forward."

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