Model Duckie Thot Slams Fans Saying She's 'Dating Down' After Going Public With New BF

'Mind the business that pays you boo,' so the Australian model says to someone who criticizes her by writing, 'Why do y'all think Black Women committed to dating down no matter where they are in life.'

AceShowbiz - Duckie Thot can date anyone she wants and that is no one's business. People have been claiming that the Australian model is "dating down" after she confirmed her relationship with a U.K. man who goes by the name Scarface, and it looks like the star has had enough of the criticism.

In response to someone who said, "But someone sent me a DM about Duckie Thot and I'm honestly not surprised. Why do y'all think Black Women committed to dating down no matter where they are in life," Duckie hit back, "Mind the business that pays you boo." She later added in a separate tweet, "My mental health doesn't deserve the toxic energy I'm currently receiving in this platform. God bless."

Duckie confirmed her relationship with Scarface last month, when she retweeted several photos of himself and added, "I think I've found my husband." He then replied in the same flirty manner, "Come, let's get married." She also shared in a now-deleted post a photo of her enjoying a meal date with the 21-year-old man when they were celebrating his birthday.

Prior to dating her new man, Duckie was romantically involved with "Girls Trip" actor Kofi Siriboe. It's unclear when they exactly started dating, but the actor confirmed their relationship in March 2018. However, last year, they broke things off and even went as far as shading each other on social media.

Duckie wrote on Twitter at the time, "Leaving all trash n****s in 2018." He later responded with a series of cryptic tweets on New Year's Eve. In one of the posts, the "Queen Sugar" star said, "Maybe I won't let sex distract me this year," before adding, "Maybe my wife will reveal herself to me this year. Maybe I'll become the man I've always wanted to be."

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