Wiz Khalifa Proud of Son Sebastian for Calling His Neighbor 'Karen'

Many of his followers applaud the 7-year-old boy for what he did, with one of them saying, 'Ya son is a smaller version of you bro lol he gonna be Savage as fck.'

AceShowbiz - Just like any other people, Wiz Khalifa celebrated the Fourth of July with his family and loved ones until his neighbor tried to ruin their fun. However, his son Sebastian Taylor did something that made him so proud he needed to tell the world about it.

"My son just called the neighbor Karen for tryin to s**t down the party last night. That's awesome," so the "See You Again" rapper said on Twitter on Sunday, July 5. His followers also applauded Sebastian for what he did and even called him little Wiz Khalifa. "Ya son is a smaller version of you bro lol he gonna be Savage as fck," one replied to his tweet.

Sebastian is Khalifa's son with his ex-wife Amber Rose. The father-and-son duo are really close to the point that the rapper was willing to become the coach of the 7-year-old boy's baseball team. He explained during his visit to "The Kelly Clarkson Show" last year, "I love children and this is the most important time in his life. Especially spending it with me, and having his friends and the relationships that they're gonna build--any hand that I can have in that, I'm trying to do it."

Khalifa wasn't the only coach in the team, and according to him, one of the coaches didn't even know him. He told host Kelly Clarkson, "It's crazy but one of the coaches actually came up to me--he's a fireman--and he just told me this yesterday, he was like, 'I was watching TV and I saw this interview with you on there and I was like, 'What the heck is the Dodgers coach doing on TV?' He didn't even know I was a rapper."

Fortunately, Khalifa didn't take it to heart and considered it as a proof that he did a good job as a coach. "It's cool because I felt like maybe I'm doing such a good job as a coach that he didn't even know I was a rapper," he added.

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