Apryl Jones Dragged for Letting Kids Play Around on Stripper Pole

A clip from the 'Love and Hip Hop' star's Instagram Live session shows that while Apryl moves her body to Afro-Beat jams, kids can be seen playing around on her stripper pole.

AceShowbiz - Apryl Jones caught heat after going on Instagram Live on Thursday, June 25. During the livestream, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star showed off her moves, but something that happened in the background caught people's attention instead.

The clip from the Live session showed that while Apryl moved her body to Afro-Beat jams, two kids could be seen playing around on her stripper pole. One of the kids twirled around the pole, while the other climbed the pole. It seemed like it wasn't the first time for them to do so since they were seen doing it with ease.

"Smh this just goes to show some people were raised different," one fan noted in an Instagram comment. "The pole should definitely be in mommy’s room and off limits," wrote another user.

"Ok at first the pope was a flag for me but then I thought they're just climbing up the pole and sliding down. They don't know any better but after watching the clip the second time the little girl have her shirt rolled up. Am I bugging or is her shirt rolled up?" someone else observed.

"Omarion bout to have a silent fit when he see them kids swingin on that pole," another user said of Apryl's ex and baby daddy. Meanwhile, one other suggested that "Omarion About To Get Full Custody."

Another person took issue with how Apryl wasn't aware of the kids climbing the pole which could endanger them. "It's not the kids being on the pole that blew me. Kids play on poles at parks all the time. It's the fact that she ain't notice them playing on it. Had that baby fell and got hurt, she still woulda been tryna dance," the person said.

However, some others didn't think it was such a big deal. "I don't see anything wrong with the kids on the pole. They're having fun, let them be kids," one noted. Echoing the sentiment, another user added, "It's literally just a pole Lmaoo they got poles at the park for kids to slide down and shi. People make a problem out of any and everything."

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