Wiz Khalifa Slammed Over Controversial Comments About Mask

As the rapper seemingly dismisses the importance of wearing mask during COVID-19 pandemic in a tweet, people quickly blast the hip-hop star for his ignorance as one calls the tweet 's***ty af.'

AceShowbiz - Even when the "new normal" starts, masks are among essential things that everyone needs to have to protect themselves during COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, some people share the same sentiment and think wearing masks everywhere they go is not necessary. Apparently, rapper Wiz Khalifa is among those people.

On Tuesday, June 23, the rapper wrote on his Twitter account, "Y'all can have them masks fam." People quickly reacted to the tweet with some of them blasting the hip-hop star for his ignorance.

"This is s***ty af. Total slap in the face to people who've lost loved ones to this. Or families like mine, who still have active cases, and new medical conditions as a result of the virus. This world is so cold," one critic wrote to him. Another follower said, "Must've took a hit of the wrong kind of herb for you to be talkin the stupidest nonsense right now."

"If you actually mean what you're saying, I've lost all respect for you," someone added. "I'm super high risk because I'm immunocompromised. Seeing you say something like that essentially puts a sense of fear into my mind because you're endangering my life without a care."

"This ain't it. Don't have these kids out here maskless," one other stated. "I have a cousin who won't remember her dad because he died of COVID. You want your son to be able to say you were one people advocating for the safety of others right? The least you can do is wear a mask and promote the wearing of masks. Save lives," another user stated, reminding Wiz of how dangerous the virus is.

Wiz, however, didn't seem to be bothered by the backlash. Instead of responding to the criticism, he wrote in a separate post, "Thank god im able to shoot a real video today. One step closer to seein boobies in the club."

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