Drake's Fans Drag Pusha T for Posing With Cop at a BLM Event

The rapper is attending a Black Lives Matter movement in Petersburgh alongside some other musicians including Trey Songz when he is seen posing for a picture with the cops.

AceShowbiz - Pusha T may need to read the room. The rapper was among the stars who show support to the Black Lives Matter movement as he attended an event for it in Petersburgh. However, he landed in hot after he was seen taking a picture with police at the Sunday, June 21 event.

Alongside Trey Songz and other musicians, King Push took part in "Feed Your City" challenge in which they handed out food to residents. While it was a nice thing of him, people weren't happy with his decision to pose for a photo op with a police officer when the protests started after a Minneapolis police officer murdered unarmed black man George Floyd.

Drake's fans apparently saw this as an opportunity to take a jab at Pusha considering the two stars' longtime beef. "Now they even," a fan captioned a photo comparison of Drake's blackface and Pusha's photo with cops. Someone else added, "If Drake was to ever put out another Pusha T diss this would be the perfect artwork."

"drake just won the beef with Pusha T retroactively. No bars can defend you from posting up with 12," one user wrote. Meanwhile, one person demanded an explanation from Pusha.

However, some others didn't think it was a proper comparison. "How tf are you gonna compare Drake in BLACKFACE to Pusha T taking a picture with someone at a community service event????" one fan questioned. "All this pic tells me is that you drake stans couldn't wait for pusha to slip up. This is nowhere near close," another one added.

"Pusha T has a 'Feed Your City' Challenge going on. He was giving out food in his home state of Virginia with Trey songz.Yall really reaching with this one, and yall really still hurt that Drake got bodied. Lol," said one other fan. "hell no lmaoooo pusha T was feeding the local community what was drake doing?" asked another person with a user called Drake's fans "delusional."

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