LL Cool J Channels Frustration Over George Floyd's Death Through Rapid-Fire Rap

In a video he posted on social media, the 'All I Have' rapper spits about what it's like being black in the country, putting the highlight on several high-profile cases of police brutality.

AceShowbiz - LL Cool J makes use of his rapping skills to bring attention to what is like being a black man in the country. Nearly a week after George Floyd was killed at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer during arrest, the "Control Myself" rapper dropped a rapid-fire rap about the 46-year-old's death and other high-profile cases.

In a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, May 31, the 52-year-old began by spitting rhymes, "For 400 years you had your knees on our necks/ A garden of evil with no seeds of respect/ In America's mirror all she sees is regret/ Instead of letting blood live they begging for blood let." He continued, "Revenge is a dish that's served on platelets/ Transfusion, a confusion, abusing our intellect."

Without the company of any backing music or beats, the "Lip Sync Battle" host went on referring to the passing of bill for the stimulus check as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES). "I can't be bought with a $1200 check even though $1200 can make a meal stretch/ My mama wasn't rich but she earned my respect/ She made a little bit a money for a lot of blood, tears and sweat," he rapped.

Cool J then took aim at Derek Chauvin who has been charged with Floyd's murder. "Jumping up and down on police cars and vex/ After Chauvin killed George Floyd we got next," he spitted. "Molotov cocktails anarchy on the set/ The rich took the loot so now we loot s***/ Feeling like a caged tiger that's whipped to do tricks/ That's why I started fires and yelled and threw bricks/ They tried to run me over and arrest me and s***/ Tased, pepper spray and a gaze with the kid."

Next, the "Deep Blue Sea" actor compared the police treatment between black and white protesters. "They ran up in the state with them AKs quick/ But let a n***** try to do that white boy s***/ Won't be no rubber bullets ricocheting off ribs," he rhymed. "But the white supremacist go in the faces of cops and spit/ Try to BBQ, Becky called the cops on the kid/ hoping and praying there would be some Emmett Till s***."

Near the end of his rapid-fire rap, Cool J spitted, "The new Malcom, Marin and Marcus's are now grown/ America's a graveyard full of black mens bones/ And I ain't got to tell you Briana Taylor got slain in her own home/ Had they'd lived someone could have rocked bells, Eric [Garner] could have gone at attention."

"Beyond the t-shirts and obituaries mentions/ I still could have been still been counting grants/ To me it could have gone to rice," he continued. "They owed them cops nothing but all of them paid the price/ So yea you right we should protect our Second Amendment rights/ Cause in a second a dirty cop could kick the door in at night."

At the end, Cool J delivered his closing lines by spiting, "Being black in America is like rolling a pair of dice/ But the stakes are way higher you gambling with my life." Before signing off, he stressed, "Black Lives Matter; forever."

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