Cheyenne Jackson to Let Go 'Shame and Anxiety' by Coming Clean About Hair Transplant Surgeries

In an emotional post on social media, the 'American Horror Story' star confesses that he has been desperately attempting to hide his 'horrible' hair loss secret for over a decade.

AceShowbiz - Actor Cheyenne Jackson is coming clean about his "horrible" hair loss secret by sharing images of the "gnarly scar" he's been left with following five separate transplant surgeries.

The "American Horror Story" star decided to share his personal struggle with fans in an emotional Instagram post on Saturday, May 23, revealing he's been desperately attempting to hide the fact he's been balding for over a decade.

"I've been DREADING this day for 17 years. The day when my horrible secret would be revealed," he began, alongside an image of the large mark across the back of his scalp.

"No, this gnarly scar across my head isn't from life-saving brain surgery, nor did I narrowly survive a shark attack. It's worse. (At least in Hollywood...) I had hair transplant surgery. 5 of them, to be exact over 14 years."

Jackson admits the timing of his confession during the coronavirus pandemic is a little odd, but he wanted to finally let go of the "shame and anxiety" he's battled since rising to fame, always fearing someone would find out.

Explaining he started to notice his hair thinning around the age of 22, he shared, "It was really emotional for me to watch it fall out & I felt less attractive & truly less like myself as the days went on, so I saved up and got my first surgery at 28. I hid it from everyone. It was painful & expensive but I started to feel better about myself."

"Over the years as my hair kept thinning, I kept secretly getting more procedures & would just pray that no one would find out," Jackson continued. "Why? Why did I care so much? What does that say about me? Being a vain actor in an industry that rewards beauty, I vowed to keep this my secret forever. I feel SO stupid saying that but it's my truth. As if someone finding out would somehow negate my talent, or make me less viable or valuable in the world."

The 44-year-old would always take a moment to reveal his "devastating truth" with hair and makeup assistants at the start of a new acting gig, but "no one cared," except him.

Now Jackson, who is sporting a new haircut with shaved back and sides during isolation, has realized hair loss is nothing to be embarrassed about, and hopes that by sharing his story, others will be able to embrace similar issues, too.

"I'm sharing because maybe this will inspire someone out there to share a secret they've been hiding, or show a scar that they've been afraid of anyone seeing," he explained. "Let it go. What I've learned during this pandemic is that s**t like this just doesn't matter."

The father-of-two added, "I'm trying to teach my kids to accept themselves & to be proud of who they are, & to put value on things that are IMPORTANT & REAL so as their father, the example should start with me. This is that. I'll go first. #ShowYourScars."

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