Despite thinking of herself as 'an inconsistent cook at best,' the 'Ozark' actress explains that she decided to host dinner parties to honor the memory of her late friends.

AceShowbiz - Laura Linney hosts dinner parties to honor late pals Alan Rickman and Natasha Richardson.

The "Ozark" star admits she's not a great cook and she doesn't truly enjoy social gatherings but she decided to step out of her "comfort zone" and start bringing pals together because she remembers what great hosts her friends were.

"Alan Rickman and Natasha Richardson were amazing at bringing people together and it's so far out of my comfort zone but I try and bring small groups of people together to honor them because that's what they taught me," the actress tells Marc Maron on his latest WTF podcast.

"I'm really bad at it but I try. I'm an inconsistent cook at best! I don't handle that stress terribly well but I try."

And she also conjures up the spirit of her "Savages" co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman to help her with stage roles.

"I summon Phil Hoffman whenever I can, like, 'Come on dude, help me out!' " she smiles. "Like many people, and I'm not alone here, I truly loved him. I think we had a lot in common. I think there was an intersection of pain that we understood about each other and felt safe with each other. We just got each other... He saw me in a way that most people didn't. We had a very strong friendship."

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