Queen Naija Has Found Son Following Ex Chris Sails' Arrest

It seems like some people drag the 'Mama's Hand' songstress for not knowing her son's whereabout, prompting her to explain herself in a lengthy Instagram post.

AceShowbiz - Queen Naija experience a brief scare when she revealed on Instagram that she couldn't locate her son after her ex Chris Sails was arrested for arrest in Texas. On Thursday, April 9, the singer asked for help from her followers because she couldn't find her five-year-old son CJ, whom she shares with Chris.

"I need my son now," Naija wrote on Instagram Stories. "Whoever has my son contact me NOW. If you guys know who Chris be around and with DM ME!! I can not locate my son ! Nobody is answering me."

Fortunately, it didn't take long before Naija successfully found her son. However, it seemed like some people dragged her for not knowing her son's whereabout. "To be clear, I found where my baby was & spoke to him & will be with him soon," she shared the relieving news, before denying that she posted "something like this for attention."

She went on saying, "I posted that on my story out of fear after receiving call from someone in the social services department. I then tried to contact only who I knew in Houston and nobody was answering me."

"I only made a post in hopes of someone reaching out to me on IG who is around my son often, because I don't know anyone's socials," she continued, before assuring that "Everything is fine."

Fans felt bad for her as one wrote on Instagram, "The fact that she even has to explain how she chose to find where her child was is beyond me. Leave that girl alone." Being able to relate to her, another fan added, "I know that's a mother’s biggest fear, happy for her."

"And before y'all come for her, she lives in ATL and Chris lives in Houston. She can't just get to him tonight especially with this virus, she'll prob have him by tomorrow," one other explained.

Another comment read, "She shouldn't have to explain herself. It's normal for any parent ESPECIALLY mothers to ask if anyone has seen their child if they were in search of them. I hope she gets full custody!"

As for Chris, he was taken into custody on a charge of aggravated assault causing serious bodily harm. While the details of the case remain unclear, it's said that he's being held on $15K bond in a Texas jail.

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