Tina Knowles Trending on Twitter for Allegedly Popping Pills and Getting Drunk on Instagram Live

The mother of Beyonce goes on Instagram Live because she's bored during self-isolation amid Coronavirus pandemic, only to set tongue wagging with her look.

AceShowbiz - Tina Knowles once again sparks controversy with her livestreaming. The mother of Beyonce Knowles recently went on Instagram Live because she was bored during self-isolation amid Coronavirus pandemic, but she set tongue wagging because she appeared to be intoxicated and popping pills.

"I just saw this thing on TV and that was very interesting. It was talking about if you're stuck in your house, which we all are with Coronavirus, that we'd find constructive things to do and find some inner peace," she said in the broadcast. "One of the things she suggested you to do is to find all the things you started in your house and never get to finish."

Later, the 66-year-old panned the camera to several bottles of booze and a cup of "prescription drugs," before adding, "And guess what happens.." Tina then appeared with a disheveled look.

"So, you know, I took advice of the doctor and I finished everything I started," she said in a drunkenly manner, referring to the unfinished booze she showed earlier. However, she appeared to hint that the whole video was just one of her "corny jokes" as she said, "I got you! Corny jokes time!" before ending the Live. Nevertheless, her Live session made her trending on Twitter.

Prior to this, Tina was slammed due to "corny joke." In one Instagram video, Tina delivered a joke, "Why did a man keep getting hit by a bicycle everyday? Because he was caught in a vicious cycle." She added with a chuckle, "Vicious cycle...bicycle. You get it."

She explained her intention in the caption, "Corny Joke time. I know it's corny but even if you get a little chuckle it is worth it at this time we must keep our sense of humor and stick together love you all be safe."

Instead of praise, she was met with a criticism as one user wrote, "Girl, take them bangs and disappear with your daughter and grandchildren for a little while. We don't need this right now." Tina quickly clapped back at the hater, telling him/her, "First of all I am not a girl. Try to conjure up a little respect." She added, "And secondly, if you don't need it then get off my page and go where you like what you see. With love."

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