'The Lord of the Rings' actor was reported to have engaged in a boozy argument with his wife Ashley Moore when they flew from Vancouver to London Heathrow airport.

AceShowbiz - Sean Bean's representatives have denied the star threw a glass of wine at his wife during an in-flight argument.

The 60-year-old flew from Vancouver to London Heathrow airport on Saturday, March 14 when, according to a report in The Sun, he and his wife Ashley Moore, 33, were involved in a boozy bust-up in the first-class cabin.

However, a rep for Bean told British news website Metro.co.uk that the couple did argue, but denied the details of The Sun's story, including the alleged glass throwing, and that Ashley poured wine over the veteran actor.

"No wine was drunk, no wine was poured and no glass was thrown. They did have a disagreement but that's the extent of the story," the spokesperson said.

Sean had been in Vancouver to film the second season of "Snowpiercer", a TV adaptation of "Parasite" director Bong Joon-ho's cult 2013 post-apocalyptic movie.

A source who claimed to have watched the alleged incident had told British newspaper The Sun: "Sean and his missus were knocking back the vino from the moment they boarded."

"About halfway through the flight they started arguing. You could hear them slurring. It was getting very uncomfortable. They were very drunk and in high spirits but suddenly things turned nasty."

"The row escalated when Ashley suddenly reached across and poured her full, large glass of white wine into Sean's lap. It was incendiary and he snapped. It caused Sean to jump up and shout. He was in scruffy jogging bottoms and looked a mess. At that point, in a rage, he then hurled his glass at her."

The British actor married Ashley, his fifth wife, in June 2017.

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