People Say 'No' to Yaya Mayweather's Music Career Plan

After watching the sneak-peek video of her unreleased song, one person urges Yaya's famous father Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to take action, writing, 'where is Floyd he need to step in at this point.'

AceShowbiz - It seems like people are not feeling Yaya Mayweather's music. The daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. recently took to her Instagram account to treat her followers to a sneak-peek at her song before asking for their opinion on the tune.

The video saw the girlfriend of NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) donning a gray sweatshirt which has camouflage pattern on the sleeves and the hoodie. She was featured lip syncing to her unreleased song.

Seemingly planning to release the song if people love it, Yaya put a poll on the post. "Should I drop this song?" she asked, giving her online devotees a yes or no option. Majority of people, however, voted for no as it made up 53% of the voting result.

Feeling unsurprised by the results, some Internet users alluded that her music wasn't that good for her to start a career in the hip-hop industry. "She need to keep that sht to herself," one suggested. Meanwhile, another person wrote that those who voted no was "Everyone who not tone deaf," with someone else adding, "EVERYBODY SHOULDVE VOTED NO lol."

Some others were baffled by the fact that Yaya got any yes. "I'm mad at the 47% who said yes," a user said. "& everybody that said yes just want her to embarrass herself," one other echoed the sentiment.

People also noted that Yaya seemed to be struggling mouthing the lyrics in the video. "How you don't know yo own lyrics," one person wondered. Another person, meanwhile, urged Floyd to take action, writing, "where is Floyd he need to step in at this point." Someone also mocked Yaya's song, joking that it was "worse" than the Coronavirus disease.

Yaya has yet to comment on the clownery.

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