Mya Finally Reveals Whom She's Married to in Wedding Video

The 'It's All About Me' hitmaker reveals 'The Truth' about her wedding as she releases a video on Valentine's Day and reveals who her partner is following the marriage rumors.

AceShowbiz - Mya finally uncovered whom she's married to. The 40-year-old singer/songwriter was previously rumored to tie the knot in the Seychelles, Africa after a picture of her in a white bridal gown surfaced on the internet.

She drummed up the rumors by posting another photo of her in the wedding dress with a caption, "Thank you for all of the beautiful messages & happy V-day." She additionally teased her groom, "Officially, Mrs. Lansky."

Soon afterwards, she revealed "The Truth." It's a video that saw her marrying herself on the beach. "Damn, it's just, so crazy that I've finally realized you were always here and I'm just now noticing. But baby you are... just, just listen," she opened the clip.

It's a music video for a song taken from her 2015 mini album "Love Elevation Suite". It's released to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of her hit single "It's All About Me". She explained on Instagram, "Self love is the first love that brings the best love."

The name Mya Lansky that she used was seemingly inspired by a major organized crime figure named Meyer Lansky or known as the Mob's Accountant. She's not the only one fixated by the mobster. A Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper also named himself Myalansky after the infamous gangster.

Mya released her last studio album "TKO (The Knock Out)" in 2018. She collaborated with Canadian rapper Tory Lanez in the song "Best of You" from his fourth studio album "Chixtape 5" released in November 2019.

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