NFL Star Cameron Jordan's Wife Tries to Trick His Side Chick Into Admitting Affair, but She Fails

When Nikki Jordan attempts to bait the side chick into confessing using the New Orleans Saints player's Instagram account, the latter already realizes something is fishy.

AceShowbiz - Nikki Jordan, the wife of NFL star Cameron Jordan, believes her athlete husband is cheating on him and tries to expose. In order to accomplish what she wants, she used Cameron's Instagram account to slide into the DM of a woman whom she believes is his side chick and tried to get her admit to their affair. However, the result was not what she expected.

Their conversation started off lighthearted, with both of them asking how they were doing. It changed when Nikki, using Cameron's account, told the alleged side chick that he's married. This prompted the latter to reply, "Lmao but.....nvm." From there, Nikki tried to press her into telling her what she was going to say, but the side chick already felt something fishy. "I'll just hyu another. This sketch. Another day," so she wrote.

Because Nikki still pressured her, the side chick told Nikki to call her to see if the one she was texting was Cameron. "You actin funny," the side chick pointed out, before trying to call Cameron herself. However, according to her, she couldn't reach out. In response, Nikki responded, "Ha to be clear we never met and I don't have your number tho right."

Cameron and Nikki have been together for more than five years and got married in June 2018. They share three children together. Dishing on their marriage in an interview, the defensive end for New Orleans Saints said they often play games together given that both of them are athletes.

"It's a foundation for me, especially with how competitive she is," he said. "She knows the ups and downs of winning and she knows the ability to give back. When I'm like, 'Hey, I need to train three times a day,' she says, 'Do you need a partner?' " He added, "I feel like we've positioned the kids to be blessed athletically."

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