Nicole Murphy Comes Under Fire for Using Handicap Sticker in Beverly Hills

The former wife of Eddie Murphy is seen leaving a blue handicap sticker on the dashboard of her black Range Rover before walking away to do some shopping.

AceShowbiz - Nicole Murphy was dragged on the internet after getting caught by shutterbugs using a handicap tag when she parked her car in Beverly Hills to avoid paying parking fees. She drove a black Range Rover during her shopping trip Wednesday, January 15.

The former wife of comedian/actor Eddie Murphy wore black pants, white top, and a denim jacket. She looked unbothered as she left the blue tag on her dashboard in front of paparazzi before getting out of the vehicle to do some shopping.

"Somebody needs to call her out on that," one commented. Another wrote, "2 S's... Stupid and Selfish." A perplexed individual asked, "I wonder why/how she's disabled?"

A different person also wondered, "I don't think that's a handicap parking spot." Another explained, "It's not a handicap spot. She has a handicap tag which means she doesn't have to pay for the meter parking."

Some speculated the tag might belong to her late mother Ellen Mitchell. However, one individual suggested Nicole should return it to DMV as the person shared their own experience, "When my mom died last year I hand delivered her to DMV. The clerk had to ask the supervisor what the procedure was. Evidently they were NOT use to someone returning them for a deceased relative....."

Nicole hasn't commented on the matter. She recently remembered her mother, who passed away in November, in an Instagram post. "I miss my mom right now..," so she told her online followers.

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