Kourtney Kardashian Responds to Trolls Accusing Her of Throwing Her Dog for New One

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star has taken to her Instagram account to take name suggestions from her online followers for the name of the new fluffy friend.

AceShowbiz - Kourtney Kardashian is standing up against online bullies. Having been accused of throwing her dog away in place of a new puppy, the older sister of Kim Kardashian was quick to set the record straight and hit back at the trolls.

On Thursday, December 26, the 40-year-old revealed on Instagram that her family has got a new furry friend. Along with photos of the golden retriever pup, she asked her followers, "But what should we name her?" Her name request was soon met with a variety of responses, including those suggesting that she dumped her Pomeranian dog, Honey.

One questioned, "But do they still have her Pomeranian? Or do they just get rid of dogs for new ones." Another fumed, "What happened to your other dog. Stop getting animals and then not keeping them weirdos." Meanwhile, a third suggested that Kourtney names the pup "temporary", adding, "since you never keep your dogs."


The internet user trolled Kourtney Kardashian, assuming that she dumped her dog.

Kourtney, however, did not let the speculation grow further. Jumping to her own defense, she calmly responded to one hate comment, "Of course we still have Honey, our baby Pom Pom." Answering another follower's question, "Wtf happened to honey," she simply replied by writing, "She's right next to me."


People speculated she threw her Pomeranian dog.


The TV personality received hate comment.

To the user who suggested that she should name the pup "temporary", the mother of three offered a longer reaction in the comment section. "Wow so much negativity we still have Honey, but thanks for the assumptions," she noted. "I'll assume Santa wasn't good to you, hence your vibes."

Kourtney Kardashian.

The older sister of Kim Kardashian responded to online trolls.

Honey was the dog Kourtney gifted her daughter Penelope back in June 2017. Honey's sister, Sushi in the meantime, was given to Kim Kardashian's daughter, North. A few months before introducing the golden retriever puppy, the ex-partner of Scott Disick has shared a photo of Penelope lovingly hugging Honey.

As for the newest addition to Kourtney's family, the dog was likely brought home to make her son's holiday wish come true. In early December, Kourtney shared a video of Reign asking for his Elf on the Shelf's help in telling Santa Claus what to bring him for the holiday. "Elf, whatever your name is, Buddy," he adorably pleaded. "Can I please have a lot of toys and, like, a real dog?"

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