'RHOA': NeNe Leakes Claims She Has Secret Recording of Cynthia Bailey Trash-Talking Her
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NeNe also dubs Kenya Moore 'a true devil' after the latter decides to crash Marlo Hampton's wig launch party with a marching band to promote Kenya Moore Haircare.

AceShowbiz - Many things happened in the Sunday, December 8 episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". One that was worth to note was when NeNe Leakes revealed to co-star Kandi Burruss that she had some receipts of Cynthia Bailey talking some awful things about her.

NeNe and Kandi met up to patch things up and gauge the temperature of the other women. The former recalled her Pride run-in with Cynthia before telling Kandi that their mutual friend recorded Cynthia allegedly talking about NeNe "like a dog."

NeNe didn't reveal what exactly that Cynthia talked about her, but it was definitely not something good to hear. "What I know is that there is some sort of audio of Cynthia saying really horrible things about me," she said during confessional.

When asked by an off-camera producer about the identity of the person who recorded it, NeNe responded, "Why would I tell you that, honey?"

Kandi later told Cynthia about the secret recording during a meet-up where they were joined by Kenya Moore. "Okay, here comes the bulls**t," Cynthia said after learning about it. "I don't care what she has. I am sure that I have talked about NeNe in defense of all the things she's said about me, and if somebody felt the need to record it then somebody recorded it. So what?"

"How 'bout this," she continued, "I don't give a damn about the receipts. I don't care what she got on recording. I don't care what she got to say about me. The bottom line is, as long as I was kissing her a** and [being] her friend, I was Michelle Obama. And the minute that I wasn't, I'm over here, dirt on the floor. So she can keep her recordings and stick them up her a**."

Kandi apparently thought that the said mutual friend was Gail "Yovanna" Momplaisir. When Kandi confronted the latter at Marlo Hampton's wig launch party, Yovanna said, "Who said I recorded Cynthia? I ain't no spy. No, not at all."

Meanwhile, Kenya surprised everyone by crashing the party with a marching band to promote Kenya Moore Haircare. "Marlo is not known for good wigs, she's not known for hair, she's not known for edges. She's bald-headed to the back of her skull," Kenya told the camera. "So I'm not interested in supporting Marlo's wig line. I have my own hair care line to support and promote. You're welcome, Marlo!"

While Marlo didn't seem to mind the petty gesture, NeNe was mad. "Now see, this is the Kenya that I know," she slammed Kenya in a confessional. "Every time I see Kenya, I swear, her horns on the top of her head grow longer and longer. She is a true devil."

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