Swae Lee's Ex Marliesia Ortiz Fearlessly Chases Him After Headbutting Incident - Watch the Video

The Instagram model is so determined to catch the Rae Sremmurd member that she ends up scaring one of her friends, who is heard saying in the video, 'Let me out!'

AceShowbiz - Marliesia Ortiz apparently just can't move on from her on-and-off boyfriend Swae Lee. Her friend recently took to Instagram Stories to document the Instagram model chasing him, and it was very clear that she was so determined to catch him.

In one video, Ortiz could be seen shouting to her friend, "Come on, let's go n***a! Let's go! Go ahead! Because I'm not stopping. Call the police, 911!" Soon after, the two were involved in a car chase as her friend could be heard screaming in horror. "Let me out! I wanna go home!" so the friend told her as she continued driving.

It's unclear how the car chase turned out.

This arrives just a few months after Ortiz was allegedly arrested after she struck and headbutted Lee. Previous reports claimed that the woman got into an argument with the Rae Sremmurd member at his home in Los Angeles. She then attacked Lee and called the police to claim that she was the victim of sexual assault.

However, when cops arrived at the scene, she changed the story and admitted to breaking a few things in his home before hitting him. Ortiz also claimed that he strangled her. Neither of them had any bruises, but police still decided to take Ortiz into custody.

Lee and Ortiz dated on and off for about four years. Back in March, the two broke up with the latter exposing his cheating behavior. "He definitely verbally abusive. Not in like, the matter of belittling me as a person, but he definitely tells me things I should stand for, what I should be okay because of my 'position,' " she said to TMZ at the time, revealing that he told her no one would ever take her place so she shouldn't worry about him hooking up with other girls. "He thinks he's a 'need' and not a 'want.' He needs to realize he's a 'want.' "

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