Kylie Jenner's Grandma Reveals Reason Behind Travis Scott Split
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Caitlyn Jenner's mom, Esther, reveals in an interview that the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star just 'smoothed over it really quickly' when talking about the stars' split.

AceShowbiz - It's been a month since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott (II) broke up, but neither of them has revealed the reason behind the surprising decision. However, her grandmother Esther is apparently more than happy to give some details about it when talking to The Sun, noting that the relationship failed because, in her opinion, the rapper didn't pop the question.

Talking to the publication, the mother of Caitlyn Jenner dishes that she's still in touch with Kylie and is still up-to-date when it comes to her daughter, Stormi Webster. "Kylie and I keep in touch, we both have iPhones and Facetime. She puts the baby on the FaceTime and I can see her progress," she explains, calling the 1-year-old girl "a darling little child."

Esther goes on saying how Kylie is doing after the breakup, saying, "I was sympathizing with Kylie a short time ago about the breakup with the baby's father. Kylie just smoothed over it real quickly, saying, 'We're both going to be good parents to her' like in defence almost." She adds, "But that's what happens really, so often. Young people today, they think they can live together, start a family together, without being married, it doesn't work! I don't know."

Kylie and Travis started dating after meeting at the 2017 Coachella festival. The then-couple welcomed their first child together, Stormi, in February 2018 after completely hiding her pregnancy. Last month, Kylie confirmed that the pair had broken up. "Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi! Our friendship and our daughter is priority," so she wrote at the time.

Many people were first speculating that the two broke up because he cheated on her with Yung Sweetro, but both the rapper and the Instagram model had since debunked the rumors.

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