Kanye West Raises Eyebrows With Big Sean Collab: 'Didn't He Say He Only Doing Gospel Music?'

The G.O.O.D. Music founder and the 'Best Mistake' rapper gather for a quick studio session in Wyoming with Def Jam's Bu giving a preview of what the two are cooking up.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West is back in Wyoming to work on his new music, though he brings along Big Sean with him this time. The two rap stars gathered for a quick studio session and Def Jam A&R Bu gave everyone a preview of what they're currently cooking up.

In the video shared on Instagram Stories, Big Sean could be seen delivering some bars as a soulful instrument played in the background. Kanye didn't rap, but he was seen nodding his head along and totally feeling it.

However, no matter how good the song sounds, people couldn't help raising their eyebrows because the song doesn't sound like a gospel track. For those who need a remainder, prior to the release of "Jesus Is King", Kanye declared that he would unleash only gospel songs from now on. This new teaser surely prompted people to suspect that the hip-hop mogul didn't mean what he said at the time.

"Didn't he say he only doing gospel music and working with artist that's pure? He don't know about Jhene 7 or 9 orgasims?" one wondered, referring to Sean's revelation that he made Jhene Aiko climax nine times in one day. Another, meanwhile, was already convinced that Kanye was lying and said, "It's was all a lie and y'all fell for it lmaoo."

Someone joked, "Pastor by day, sinful rapper by night," as one other said, "Back to heathen music already." Referring to "None of Your Concern" lyrics, an individual jokingly commented, "He has Big Sean repenting for those orgasms he gave Jhene." There was also one who said, "So the fake Church ain't doing go back to the roots... thought he said he will no longer do rap that's not Christian?"

Reps for Kanye has yet to respond to this, though there were a few people who pointed out that Kanye might be just providing his beats to Sean. "Kanye is also a producer," one stressed, with another echoing, "Not at all he's a producer first when it Cortes to music everything else after."

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