Patti LaBelle Says Today's Songs Have 'No Substance'

The 'Masked Singer' alum slams modern music industry, saying that there is no longer any 'real music' left as she claims today's songs lack of substance.

AceShowbiz - Patti LaBelle is unimpressed with the state of the music industry today, insisting there's "no substance" to the songs that are being released.

The 75-year-old singer made the statement as she was interviewed after being unveiled on the latest episode of U.S. TV competition "The Masked Singer" on Wednesday night, November 20, after competing as The Flower.

Chatting to Billboard following her elimination from the show, Patti was asked for her opinion of today's singers, and sighed in her reply that the times of "real music" are long gone.

"Sixty years performing, and I see changes all the time. I never know if we're going to ever go back to when real music was real music," she said. "Because a lot of things today, they're very - if a song, the title is 'Get It Now' or something, you're going to hear 'get it now' the whole record, no substance. So there's still some growth. And I hope that it goes back to substance."

And asked why so many singers use filters and processing in their musical offerings, Patti replied, "Because some of them can't really sing. I'm not saying it to knock anyone because that's their hustle. And if you can get by with Get It Now and say it over and over and over and the record sells then you did your job. But I'm still looking for substance."

That's not to say there aren't any singers in the industry today that Patti likes. Naming her favourites, the Godmother of Soul cited John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Fantasia Barrino, and Adele, adding, "I mean, there are some singers out there who are singing songs and I love them."

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