The 'Pretty Little Liars' alum says that she didn't name her daughter Aurora after a Disney princess, claiming that her husband Patrick J. Adams didn't even know there's one named like theirs.

AceShowbiz - Troian Bellisario credits Greek mythology, and not Disney princess, for her daughter's name. The former star of "Pretty Little Liars" opened up about how she and husband Patrick J. Adams got the idea to call their first child, Aurora, when they were in Greece.

In an interview for Teen Vogue, the 34 year-old actress revealed, "We had a different name, and then we were considering boy's names, 'cause we didn't know what sex she was going to be. And we were in Greece, so we were looking at a lot of Greek mythology." She went on to note that they wanted the moniker to have something "to do with the actual sun."

Yet, when she and her husband came across the name Helios, who has a sister named Eos, the "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" actress admitted that they were not fond of the sister's name. "But then we learned in Roman mythology that Eos was Aurora, which is the goddess of the dawn. And we thought it would be nice that she would be our dawning of a new day in our life," she continued.

The daughter of producers Donald P. Bellisario and Deborah Pratt further disclosed that despite the finding, the two of them thought Aurora was "laden and cumbersome and really, like, a lot for a name." Still, the moniker "just wouldn't go away". She added, "Aurora kept on cropping up in both Patrick and my lives."

Troian first introduced Aurora's name to the world through an Instagram post, celebrating the child's first birthday. The name quickly sparked buzz about how it referred to a lead character in "Sleeping Beauty". Addressing the chatter, she pointed out that her husband "didn't know that Aurora was a Disney princess's name."

"I didn't even think of it, honestly," she clarified. " 'Cause I was thinking about it in terms of the historical context. So many people now are like, 'Oh, like a Disney princess?' And I feel like Patrick's like, 'Ugh.' "

In the interview, Troian also set the record straight on "conspiracy" speculations among "PLL" fans since the names of both her daughter and Shay Mitchell's start with an "A". She stressed, "No, that is a name that she told me she's had since she was young, so way before 'Pretty Little Liars'. It just happened that we want our children to go with the first of the class and everything, I guess."

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