Lamar Odom's Girlfriend Sabrina Parr Had an Affair With Tristan Thompson, Ex-Manager Claims

Zoul El Fassi claims that the alleged affair happened when the Canadian athlete was still with Khloe Kardashian, who reportedly had a fight with Sabrina because of this.

AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom's ex-manager Zoul El Fassi launched his dirty laundry after he and girlfriend Sabrina Parr shaded her during an interview. In response to the basketball player, who claimed that they had parted ways due to contract dispute, she insisted that she was only asking 15 per cent of the money. It was in contrast to what Lamar said as he noted that the contract wasn't in his favor.

Zoul then went on exposing Lamar, claiming that he likes to borrow money from other people and had even gotten himself in trouble because of that. According to her, the athlete was once kidnapped for owing more than $10,000 that he borrowed, prompting her to help him pay off his debt. Not only that, but Lamar was also allegedly involved in a shooting at a hooters restaurant and slept with a transgender woman who he gave herpes to.

The conversation then shifted to his girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, whom Zoul called a "professional gold digger." The manager then claimed that Sabrina slept with Tristan Thompson "four times" when he was still with Khloe Kardashian. Saying that the personal trainer told the deeds herself to her, Zoul went on saying that Khloe actually found out about this. Sabrina allegedly let Lamar know about it and told him what happened after that, "[Khloe] reached out to me and we had a fight."

Not stopping there, Zoul then said that Lamar actually still loved Khloe and wanted to get back together with her. Thus, he felt like being together with Sabrina would make the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star jealous.

Neither Lamar nor Sabrina has yet to respond to this.

Lamar and Sabrina went public with their relationship last August and have since been putting a strong front. Recently, he left a gushing comment on her account that read, "This is why I named you babydoll. You so damn beautiful and perfect! You a problem fasho why you think they can't stomach you lol."

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